Thursday, 24 April 2014


IMG_6063 Plover           IMG_6064 Elizabeth

Plover and Elizabath came cruising by with several other boats including Paddy and Ruth on Comfortably Numb and Echoes. We said our goodbyes for now as they headed off into the countryside to recover from a long  busy Easter weekend opening their shop.

IMG_6066 CN IMG_6067 Echoes IMG_6031

So we decided that so many boats had gone past that there would be room for us further down. So we upped pins and moved nearer to Foxton to moor just above the road bridge. In the afternoon we decided to walk along to Debdale Marina to discuss blacking our bottom with Mike and Nicki. We paused at the Top Lock Cafe for some of their excellent bacon butties with mushrooms. Whilst at Debadale we called around to see our friends Mike and Gerry on nb Tubbs and were invited in for a long interesting chat over a cuppa. After our long walk back to Oakfield it was time to cook our evening meal, then it began to rain again!

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