Friday, 18 April 2014

Away we go.

IMG_6006   IMG_6007   IMG_6005

We had a very pleasant sunny cruise  along to join a long queue of boats at Watford Locks. Several big old boats with butties had passed us en route to the Easter gathering at Foxton. Even though we had allowed time for them to ascend before we arrived, it hadn’t worked!

IMG_6004    IMG_6008    IMG_6011

I walked up to see what was occurring and a gate paddle had dropped off. The new was was there on a wheelbarrow waiting to be fitted. So, we had coffee, chatted to all the other boaters in the queue and perused the book-swop at the top. The C&RT workboat was brought up to the lock with some new bolts to replace the ones that had sheared off. I was pleased to see that the new paddles were constructed of recycled black plastic material. After arriving just after 9.30 am after about 3 hrs we took our turn up the locks. As you can see the Cabin Boy let me steer the boat for a change!

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