Tuesday, 8 April 2014


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We left our mooring to fill up with water, then cruised on along. Luckily we were able to moor right outside The Boathouse Inn as our family were visiting. It is so handy to be able to park in the adjoining pub car park to unload our two grandsons. We spent a wonderful day together with lunch in the Boathouse being only a few steps away. I was so pleased with the picture of their silver tabby cat ‘Pickle’ that our eldest grandson produced with my name on it. He has just started school and is learning to write.

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The next day we called into Braunston Marina for a pump-out, still good value at £12 we thought. The skies were blue and the sun was out, but there was rather a chilly wind blowing at times. On approaching Braunston Locks we saw share boat ‘Seranade’ waiting for the lock to empty and asked if we could share with them. They readily agreed as they hadn’t operated locks before and needed some guidance from us. Dad stayed aboard with his little son, while his Mum and I did the locks together. After a quick chat, she said that she would do exactly what I did and everything worked out just fine. I enjoyed chatting to them while we ascended, as they had beautiful Glaswegian accents. After stopping for a quick break for coffee we were away through the tunnel. This very little boat had an interestingly short matching name, ‘Hob Nob’

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