Monday, 14 April 2014


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IMG_5969 IMG_5579a IMG_5990

Painted canal items on boats, on a sign and at Anchor Cottage Canal Craft.

We walked the three and a half miles down the canal towpath to Bedazzled  beside B21, stopping en-route at Whilton Marina for a drink. Their led lighting is cheaper to buy here than it is in any of the chandlery shops. So, now we have mainly led lighting aboard which will be a great saving on generated electricity. While we were in the Bedazzled shop another customer came in and when i mentioned that we had to walk back to Oakfield he said he would give us a lift in his car. Phew, that was lucky! So many thanks to the skipper of nb Atlast for his kindness. Boaters are indeed a friendly bunch aren’t they?

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