Saturday, 19 April 2014

Crick Wharf.

IMG_5997 IMG_6016 IMG_5987

It feels very much like Spring now it has turned warmer and the fields are full of lambs with their mothers and Cowslips are everywhere. Although the nights have been cold enough for us to have lit the squirrel several evenings. Whilst at Crick we caught the bus to Asda to stock up with food as there aren’t many shops between here and Foxton.

IMG_6017 Yelvertoft IMG_6019 Renfrew IMG_6018 Dodona

On leaving we paused at Yelvertoft to top up with water and there was a boat on the mooring that was advertised for sale last year. There are still more old boats trickling past us en-route to Foxton, including these two, Dodona and Renfrew.

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