Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Market Harborough 2

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We walked into town for a supermarket sweep with our trolleys and lunch in ‘spoons of course! We had showers and did a couple of loads of washing, then we refilled our water tank. The moorings here are all 48hrs, so as the weather was supposed to be wet next day pm we left early in the morning. There was a shy new foal suckling in the field just on the outskirts of MH. When we came to a nice open spot just beyond Foxton Stepbrigde 6 we moored up and lit the fire as it was chilly and also to dry the washing. Next day we did boat cleaning duties, then I went walking along to Foxton Locks in the afternoon.

IMG_6137 St Marys Place    IMG_6136    IMG_6134 Marhet Square

Monday we trotted over the bridge up through the field to catch the 44 into MH for a couple of things we’d forgotten. We were glad that this bus is still running hourly as there were discussions about discontinuing it last time we were here. Hurrah for the local people who most probably saved the bus route to Foxton. There is a grand building beside St Marys Place with a carved stone Peacock below the chimney. Another interesting place stands next to the Cross in the Market Square. The old timber framed building next to the church was all covered up undergoing renovation. Rain had been forecast for most of this week so we’ve been wearing our wet weather jackets. Luckily they are lightweight as the days have been quite sunny, however it has rained, but mostly overnight. It’s nice to be out in the sticks with only the sound of the occasional plane soaring overhead to spoil things.

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