Wednesday, 9 April 2014


IMG_5424 IMG_5816 IMG_5812 IMG_5811 Wharf House

Or, Braunston as many know it. After filling our empty water tank we moored just around the corner opposite The Boat House Inn. We had passed our friends Del and Al en-route and they said Braunston had very few boats moored there. Not so when we  arrived though, but we managed to squeeze in to the last available 60’ space, phew! There are quite a few lambs in the fields hereabouts which we love seeing. A reminder that spring has now sprung, maybe. On my walk along to the Boat Shop for some of their tasty, crusty organic bread I saw this old boat No 79679 awaiting some tlc. As I couldn’t photograph the whole thing, I took a pic of the back and another of the front of it.

IMG_5807 nb India IMG_5808 Calabash 104.950 IMG_4806

I took a couple of pics around the marina and noticed that nb Calabash was up for sale. Surprising really as it was only fitted out by Fernwood a few years ago and is still in tip top condition. It was already under offer and will be a worthy bargain for it’s new owners. There are still many farms and fields surrounding Braunston, mainly sheep ,but also a few cattle. Alas this once quiet little village has been spoilt by noisy traffic thundering continuously all around and straight  through the middle of it.

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