Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Through Leicester.

IMG_0003 Aylestone Mill Bridge 108

We left under Aylestone Mill Bridge 108 in brilliant sunshine cruising along the River Soar. At St Mary’s Mill Lock we caught up with  nb Joli Meanders, so were able to share locks with them. It was good to hear that this mill was still being used as a work place.

IMG_0004 St Marys Mill Lock

Here we are waiting to enter Freemans Meadow Lock by a long curved weir with just a trickle of water going over the top. Even the rain all day Sunday hadn’t made much difference to the water levels.

IMG_0009 Joli Meanders Oakfield oposite LCFC stadium

On the left of this picture stands the large impressive stadium of Leicester City Football Club.


We cruised along the Mile Straight under all the bridges to find that the pontoon moorings at Castle Gardens were all taken. There is only enough room for about four boats anyway.


So on we went under the ornate painted West Bridge that marks the end of the straight bit through the city.

IMG_0021 West Bridge

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