Sunday, 5 June 2011

Busy weekend at Foxton.

IMG_0014 Hack Brook Cottage

The cottage by the bottom lock by Bridge 61 has a nice array of roses.


Plenty of boats and a swarm of gongoozlers at the lock flight.


I like the way the path looks like a ribbon laid out down the hill.

IMG_0020 folk singers with Eric the Alsation

This little group of musicians, along with their dog Eric, were singing folk songs to raise funds towards the restoration of the Inclined Plane which will coat £11,000,000 to complete. The whole area all around the locks is a very popular tourist attraction with large car parks at the top and bottom. In the information room at the top lock there is a splendid slideshow of how overgrown and unloved the area once was. Thanks to the lock-keepers efforts, everything is now kept in immaculate condition.

IMG_0021 Caterpillar

On our stroll around today we saw this little creature resting on the leaf of a rose bush. When we got back to look it up in our book we couldn’t see it. Does anybody know it’s name please?

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