Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Just a Short Trip

After yesterday, travelling further than we really wanted to, we took a short trip to the Erewash canal and are now moored just above the first lock.

A short break and then a wander round to check the lie of the land,two pubs and a tea room but we resisted temptation, maybe tomorrow.

A Dutch Barge moored opposite decided to turn round  as he wanted to go back onto the Trent, well he nearly made it but then decided to go down backwards down the lock.

2011_06_21_0537 Dutch Barge

Into the lock


2011_06_21_0541 Dutch Barge

Reversing out or going astern and yes that bridge is very close

2011_06_21_0546 Dutch Barge

Made it through the second bridge and away on the Trent

We found out later that they had only just bought it, it needs a little work apparently but the beaming smiles on their faces said a lot.

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