Monday, 13 June 2011


As we didn’t venture out in the wind and rain yesterday we have made up for it today by walking to Sainsbury’s. It is about a three mile round trip to Fosse Shopping Park from the canal so we had a rest over a mug of coffee when we got there. I could smell Everard’s Brewery before we arrived, although have never tried any of their brews yet.

IMG_0013 Boundary marker Lubbesthorpe-Leicester  IMG_0014 gravestone 1773 at Aylestone

This afternoon we set off to spot some wildlife in the nature reserve, but only saw Magpies and Pigeons unfortunately. The Packhorse Bridge was too overgrown to photograph too. The water is nice and clear here now and the little Pilchards are easy to spot darting about below. Anyway we passed this splendid cast iron boundary marker of Lubbesthorpe Parish and Borough of Leicester on the side of the towpath. It is dated 1891 and has a dragon at the top, shame about the graffiti though. We wanted to see the stained glass windows in Aylestone Church but it was locked. However there were many lovely old slate gravestones engraved with swirly copper plate lettering. This one has remained in good condition since 1773. The village has a Co-op, a hairdressers, a charity shop and a selection of about eight different takeaways. It has been a much warmer day today, a complete contrast to yesterday.

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