Friday, 3 June 2011

Foxton Locks visitors.

On Sunday we cruised along to the Welford Arm to moor overnight. Monday we pressed on through the rain to be at the top of Foxton Locks to meet our visitors. On Tuesday our daughter brought our little Grandson to spend the day with us. After coffee and cake we slowly toddled down the locks, pausing frequently to take in all the action, then into Foxton Locks Inn for lunch in the conservatory. After a lovely meal, overlooking the busy junction, we strolled back up to the top lock to have a rest while eating an ice-cream from the little cafe there.

IMG_0010 a boat going by    IMG_0011 at Foxton Locks Inn

Back on board Oakfield we spent the rest of the afternoon chilling and watching the boats go by. It was a wonderful day and no doubt the busy little person slept all the way home! We were quite exhausted after all the excitement anyway!


IMG_0003   IMG_0013 Lister Engine

Tuesday was another lovely sunny day and our friends Mike and Do had phoned to say they were coming up. Again the locks were rather busy with queues of boats waiting at either end. After another enjoyable meal with them at the Locks Inn we watched the old working boat Nuneaton descending the locks. They had been waiting over two hours to come down they said. In Nuneaton's engine room there is a nice Lister Engine.


IMG_0019 Brighton

Nuneaton’s butty Brighton was some way behind as it has no engine and had to be manually hauled down through the locks.



We sat on the seat half way up the locks gongoozling. It was good to hear all their news and of all our friends and workmates that we knew. What a fantastic couple of days we have had, and the weather behaved itself too! Luvly jubbly!

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