Thursday, 9 June 2011

Fleckney to Kilby Bridge.

IMG_0007   IMG_0010 leaky locks

Our first lock was Kibworth Top Lock and someone was making a lovely job of renovating and extending the house there. We had to get used to the heavy double locks again and some of them were very leaky. Fortunately we were able to exchange several locks with boats on their way up.

IMG_0008 Wistow Church 

It was a nice sunny day for cruising with some lovely views across the fields.

IMG_0011 BW widbeam with crane.

Luckily we were able to moor in the last remaining space at Kilby Bridge. BW were returning to their moorings opposite with their wideband crane on board.

IMG_0012 Kilby Bridge

  The nearby Navigation Inn has rather a well painted sign. On sitting down with a cuppa to peruse the days locking in the Nicholson's guide we realised that we had done twelve locks, that made us feel really tired. As we sit here there are many little fish nibbling away at the greenery that has grown on the side of the boat during this hot sunny weather. There are three families of Canada Geese here and one pair has ten chicks. I wonder if this is a record number?

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