Thursday, 24 February 2011

A faster mode of transport.

Yesterday we hired a car for a days outing to visit Bottles parents as it was their sixty-fifth wedding anniversary. What a great achievement, today not many people manage so many happy years together, do they?  We had the added advantage of having sat-nav in the car and were directed on our way by a  ladies voice who politely asked us to ‘please’ turn at the next junction etc. On the way back she forewarned of traffic congestion on the M1 and guided us on a more scenic route back which didn’t take any longer than the trip down via motorways. We took them out for lunch, then returned for a long chat over tea and cake.

Today our friends eventually arrived after overcoming the evil ‘Diesel Bug’ that was residing in their boats fuel tank. They were fortunate enough to grind to a halt near Clifton Cruisers wharf where they received excellent service. They drained most of the diesel from their tank, added Soltron to control the bugs, then refilled the tank with fresh diesel cleaned up and fitted all new filters.  Clifton Cruisers treat their tank that they supply boaters from. Our friends arrived here bringing the sunshine with them. As usual we gossiped over afternoon tea and tomorrow we will hopefully celebrate the end of their troubles over a meal at the pub together.

Being a sunny day and also half term everyone has been along the canal-side feeding the ducks and seagulls. Unfortunately when the gulls flew off over our boat they spattered it with their droppings, ugh! So some of the boat got washed this afternoon, the rest I will do tomorrow. The weeping willow trees are sprouting new leaves and the squirrels have been practicing their acrobatics over them.

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