Sunday, 13 February 2011

Rag Rug.

IMG_0004 Rag RugMy rag rug is progressing very slowly as you can see. Every two rows of the same colour represents one tee shirt. Having chopped up our old ones I am now having to trawl the charity shops hereabouts for more material. There are a good half a dozen shops in Rugby and in Daventry, some of which have 50p rails outside, so there are some real bargains to be had. I bought the metre of hessian and a rugging hook for a fiver when we were down in Leighton Buzzard. I tried the hook which wasn’t a great success as I think it is really intended for making wool rugs. So I tried a crotchet hook which was a bit better. Then I saw this weird handle with a wire loop attached ( another CS acquisition) and it is brilliant for speeding along the rows. Here is a 50p  lavender colour nightdress already chopped and ready to go. So we are looking forward to next winter when I hope it will be gracing our saloon floor, maybe!

Has anyone else had a go at rag-rug making, if so how did you get on? It is a very satisfying and calming thing to do in the evenings by the Squirrel.


joss859 said...

I really want to try this myself. can you tell me how you use the hook tool and what canvas you are using? I have some but it has very big holes. you stripe t-shirt rug looks amazing!

Wozie said...

I bought the Hessian from a material shop and it is a fairly loose weave. The proper tool for rag rug making is called a 'podger'. I have now found out that the tool I acquired is helping hands for the aged range which is used for buttoning their garments up. The tool should fit through the holes, the material seized, then pulled through.