Saturday, 5 February 2011

Covenrty 3rd Selection.


We liked this busy little garage complete with all it’s enamel signage.

IMG_0020   IMG_0013 

There was a small section of the museum devoted to war and the effects of all the bombing. It was fairly dark with flashing lights, sound effects and smoke which made it feel quite realistic. The cycling sign reminded me of  an old friend who had been taken to court for not having any lights on her bicycle and fined 2/6d.

IMG_0039 Rover 3.5  IMG_0040 Jaguar

Here are two more posh cars for you all to swoon over. The 3.5 litre Rover was immaculate, had only done 50,000 miles and was taxed until the end of January 2011.

Well the wind is still rocking us and the washing is gently swinging itself dry on the rails. The Squirrel seems to be burning better though with a good breeze whistling around the chimney. We toddled along the muddy towpath with our friends for an enjoyable evening meal at the pub yesterday. Needless to say the portions were larger than we are use to, so we won’t be eating much today!

When we came up here we passed the new marina at Barby which has been dug out but now at a standstill. There are plans to build one not that far from it at Onley too. Now nb Epiphany reports that there are also plans to build one on the Oxford Canal at Cropredy. Marinas seem to have been springing up like mushrooms in the last few years. Many marinas that we have passed in our travels seem to lacking in customers, so how many more do we really need? If boaters are no longer working persons, how are they to afford the high prices that marinas are charging anyway? We try to avoid re-fuelling in marinas too as their prices are also far to high.  Long may the fuel boats continue to trade providing us with reasonably priced fuel and coal, even though there are moves for them to pay an even higher licence.


Dave Winter said...

Hi Wozie,
I do wonder if its now BW policy to price traders off the waterways so it encourages CC's to stay in marinas.Just a thought.
Take care.

Wozie said...

I think when you get onto the canals on your boat Dave that you will find the fuel boats provide a friendly invaluable service. We use them in preference to marinas as you can catch up on all the latest canal news from them.