Wednesday, 16 February 2011

These Boots were made for Walking.

IMG_0001 Sketchers Boots

Well I just had to treat myself to a pair of these after reading all the bumf on them.

The labels proclaim ‘Leading Podiatrists, Fitness Experts and Medical Research have confirmed that proper footwear may reduce stress, increase weight loss, relieve tension, tone muscles and burn calories! A great alternative to the gym. Wearing a pair on your daily routine, every step may have a positive impact on your legs and buttocks, maximising your calorie-burning potential while strengthening underused muscles.’

As I do a lot of walking I thought these were ideal and they are extremely comfortable and keep my feet very warm too. I don’t know if they will do all that is claimed of them as I noticed they slipped in the word ‘may’ do all of these things. Well I have tested them out and they are brilliant, so what are they called I here you ask, Skechers Tone Ups.

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Dave Winter said...

Did they sell snake oil as well :)