Monday, 26 January 2015


 IMG_8083a           IMG_8085a

Seeing me, seeing you, ah ha, we said our goodbyes to Gary/Carolyn and Hamish. After nb Inca had left, this boat towing came to moor and I've never seen so much stuff piled up before, with not an inch to spare anywhere. I hope bits don’t fall off into the canal as they cruise along. We popped down to Tesco to top up our food store and had just put everything into a basket to queue up, when the fire alarm went off. So we spent about twenty minutes shivering in the cold wind outside with lots of others. Chilled to the marrow we were glad to climb back on board to warm up with a cuppa.

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Gary Carolyn said...

What a lovely picture ....of me !!!!! Oh and Carolyn.