Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Cruising on.

   IMG_8086 Clifton          IMG_8089a

I think the reason why boaters just stop to shop at Brownsover, then move on is that it is always so noisy. The passing traffic never ceases from dawn until well after midnight there. Still a tight sqeeeze through Clifton Cruisers and they even seem to use the space to moor one boat where the canal narrow is.

  IMG_8090            IMG_8092

Reg and Elaine were not aboard when we edged slowly past their boat, then on past nb Archie on the end. Phew, again we didn’t meet any oncoming boats luckily. Although they offer services for passing boaters it is impossible to pull onto the wharf as their boats are always moored there. Therefore, they must be loosing out on quite a lot of passing trade.

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Gary Carolyn said...

Hi Ann and Keith .. We thought exactly the same about Clifton !! Plenty of room at Braunston , we have never seen it so empty here.