Monday, 19 January 2015

A day out.

IMG_8066 sunrise hillmorton   IMG_5259 Hillmorton   IMG_4958 Lower heyford

My first sunrise photo especially for one of our blog followers! see, I do get up early sometimes. We have had bitterly cold breezy times and the canal has been covered in ice overnight several times. However we have enjoyed some beautiful sunny days too. Today we caught the bus into Daventry to visit the dentist for a check up and have the remaining stitches pulled out. Of course the bus goes all around bow-wow land (housing estates etc) so it took over an hour there and back. The buses tend to be all shake rattle and roll around the country lanes and over various speed bumps. However the day was made more pleasant by having a meal in W’s with a couple of glasses of rose wine and a Guinness for the Cabin Boy. Hurrah, we are free now until the next appointment which is in six months time.

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