Sunday, 4 January 2015

Cold and frosty, brrr.

IMG_2436     IMG_2514     IMG_5181

….. but warm and toasty inside Oakfield. The cabin Boy does a good job when he stokes the Squirrel up. The kettle is always on and we can do our toast over the coals before it is made up in the mornings. There has also been enough sunlight to keep our solar lights in the cratch going from dusk until dawn. I quite like this kind of dry weather as we can still go out wrapped in layers of warm clothes. What I don’t like much is when the weather is cold, wet and windy and the towpath turns into mud and puddles, ugh. We have recently managed to meet up with Gary and Della on nb Muleless at last.  We spent a couple of enjoyable evenings on each others boats chatting over a few glasses of wine, before they moved on, luvly jubbly!

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