Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Me and my shadow.

 IMG_8064a    IMG_8062    IMG_8063

What a gorgeous day today, even the ducks like a bit of sunshine, although it was fairly cold again today. The sky was ever changing from blue to grey, with bright white fluffy clouds and dark grey ones being blown across it, beautiful. I am taking it easy now as I have had my two wisdom teeth taken out, one each side and nine stitches in one of them. The Cabin Boy has now taken on the job of Galley Slave too and is providing, soup, scrambled egg and fish for me, perfick! So he’s taking good care of me at the moment, but I don’t expect it will last for long.


John Allebone said...

I love all your photos.
Hope the teeth are getting better by the day.
We are missing the Midlands and the places we came we came to know. Xxoo

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the teeth, the dentist had those!
Still eating mushy food as the gums are still a bit sore.
We missing all our old boating friends too.
Wozie xx