Thursday, 22 January 2015

Friends together.

IMG_8068   IMG_8070   IMG_8069

Well the canal has frozen overnight several times now, but melted away in the warmth of the sun during the daytime. We passed by the water tap near Rugby, but the notice that was on it was too small to be read from our boat. So I walked back to see that while the nearby building work is in progress the tap is closed. So, fellow bloggers be sure to fill up at Newbold or Hillmorton before heading here! Nb Inca caught up with us and came aboard for afternoon tea and chat. Now we have been aboard for a chat over tea and scones with jam AND cream with Gary and Carolyn, luvly jubly. Gary and Della on nb Muleless have also arrived, it is nice feeling to be in the company of our new friends.

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