Monday, 20 October 2014

Towards Fradley.

IMG_7720a IMG_7721a IMG_7722

Quite a few boats moored around Rugeley when we left. After filling with water at Brereton someone turned on the rain and wind so we slotted into the first available space opposite. The fire has now been lit so it was hot showers and washing on then a cosy warm evening with a glass of wine. Next day I walked ahead to make sure the narrows were clear for the Cabin Boy to come through. The Old Farmhouse Restaurant was looking smug sitting  in it’s neatly manicured garden. A little further on we saw the ‘must have’ shed right on the edge of the canal, luvly jubbly! Not quite as posh and spacious as Paul’s shed/workshop though we thought! Luckily we found a spot above Shadehouse Lock which is usually full up. This is the first time we have moored here, nice because it is within easy walking distance of the lake, post box, pub and two cafes.

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