Wednesday, 22 October 2014

From T&M to Coventry Canal.

IMG_7755a IMG_7758 IMG_7759

The farmers came to harvest the Maize crop with a fearsome machine sporting four sharp rotary cutters on the front. Everything was finely shredded and shot into the trailer towed by the tractor alongside, easy. Oakfield had been moored behind Mal Edwards MBE aboard his boat ‘Becky’. He had been sitting out on the towpath most days transforming rope into fenders which he sells from his boat, a very busy person indeed. We slipped our mooring early-ish saying our goodbyes and left Mal alone with his phone. I walked down to do the locks, then on to open the swing bridge for Oakfield to stop on the water point. Apparently there has been some miss-use of the bridge, so soon it will have to be kept locked shut, a shame, but this may have to happen everywhere eventually.

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