Thursday, 23 October 2014

Rocking and rolling.

IMG_7764 Streethay Wharf  IMG_7766  IMG_7765 Tamhorn Parka

As we passed Streethay Wharf the lovely Ethel was resting her’ But’ next to her towing boat. Stormy weather had been forecast so we moored in an open spot by Tamhorn Park and tied up securely. I am not keen on being near trees, as a few have been blown down lately. Too windy for us to travel, but for those on hire boats etc have to continue. A dozen or so past us, but managed to avoid hitting us luckily, by not slowing down. The sky was blue with bright sunshine, then grey with horizontal rain intermittently all day. Here we sat cosy and warm, reading books, surfing the waves and the internet!

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