Tuesday, 14 October 2014


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We woke up to a very heavy mist and as we were untying to leave we could hear loud munching sounds from the culprit on the opposite bank. The grass is always greener if it is just out of reach I suppose. Off we went with our tunnel light on so oncoming boats would be able to see us. The mist was pretty thick as we gently made our way through it. Good job really as we met two oncoming boats despite them having their lights on we didn’t see them until close up! After finding a space just before Rugeley we walked into town for a roast lunch at Wetherspoon’s, then the mist made way for the sun to shine through, perfick. Next day we did a trolley run to Tesco to stock up the empty cupboards.

IMG_4720 Rugeley Tesco Oct 2013a  IMG_7718a  IMG_3503a

Down the wide long runway we went with the power station steaming away to the right. This store has been open for a year now and a free bus runs across here from the bus station t’other side of town. However access from the nearby canal towpath is still tricky and is in need of some improvement!

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