Monday, 29 September 2014


IMG_7640 Pedeford Rockin        IMG_7644 Deepmore Bridge 75         IMG_7646 Gailey

On leaving our mooring at Autherley we negotiated the narrows through ‘Pendeford Rockin’ easily with no oncoming boats. However we did encounter a big boat waiting for us to come through bridge 75, as we looked back he had difficulty getting through as it was a bit shallow. We went on to moor on the end of the row of boats at Gailey.

IMG_7652  IMG_7648  IMG_7651 Gailey

The day we thought it would be fine to rub down and varnish our cratch window frame we got a call from our friends Graham and Betty who were calling in for coffee on their way back home. Luckily we had almost finished it when they arrived, so we settled down for a catch-up chat over coffee and cake. It was lovely to see them again, just like old times when they had their boat. Next day we arose early, had showers and were along on the water tap by about 9am. It’s rather a long way between water taps on the S&W, the last one being back at Kinver! Gailey is one of our favourite places to moor, I especially like to buy things in the roundhouse and chat to Ilene who is in the shop. A boat came up in the lock here just as we finished filling with water, so we slid in, down and away we went.

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