Monday, 15 September 2014

Gloucester to Upton.

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We left Gloucester Lock just after 8 am following a rib carrying two workmen, who soon sped off around the bend. We then led our little convoy of four boats over the smooth muddy waters. It was rather like cruising through melted chocolate really! Further on up the working barge Perch was being loaded with sand at the aggregate wharf as we passed by.

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As we were hovering in the river looking to moor at Upton on Severn a chap on a small plastic cruiser said he would be leaving soon. As we waited, a hire boat also wanted to moor, for the night. So we let him in on the inside, and breasted up to it, as we were only stopping for a break. Both of us fitted into the space that  the little cruiser had taken up! The hirers turned out to be three couples from Melbourne sharing a holiday afloat together. It was their first time and they said they will definitely be doing it again as they liked it so much! This was the first time we had managed to stopt here, so we went walkabout in the village. There were a few old interesting buildings, many little individual shops, cafes and pubs, all geared up to relieve the tourists of their cash. We returned to Oakfield for a sandwich and cuppa, then we were off again.

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