Friday, 19 September 2014


IMG_7523 Kidderminster   IMG_7528   IMG_7529

Didn’t stop at the lovely Water Mill Pub, but carried on past the old carpet weaving quarter which covered both sides of the canal. The area has now been completely taken over with the usual large superstores. Once out of Kinver Lock we stopped on the popular moorings outside Sainsbury’s overnight. The Cabin Boy bought engine oil at the nearby Halfords and it came with free oil absorption matts ( usually a tenner each ) luvly jubbly! From there it is a short walk into town to peruse the shops. You can’t help thinking that all the new superstores had ruined the trade of the smaller shopkeepers, as many had closed down.

IMG_7541 cuddley Chudley   IMG_7535   IMG_7538

En-route we made friends with cuddly ‘Chuddley’, sniffed a beautiful rose, and spied a small village of little toadstools.

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