Sunday, 14 September 2014

Our day in the dock.

IMG_7470a  IMG_7467a  IMG_7469

Well what was the verdict on the G&S Canal?  Tall ships came up for filming in the basin and the waterway event at Saul with old lifeboats on parade was interesting. Being 60 foot long we can turn almost anywhere on that  canal. which was useful because moorings were restricted for both these events! The weather was fabulously hot and we enjoyed seeing our friends, family and fellow boaters. Dick and Netty on Peruvian Skies, Andy and Irene on Kalami, Anna and Alan on Ebenheizer. Also fellow bloggers Mo and V on nb  Balmaha and Joe and Lesley nb Yarwood. All in all very enjoyable, but we felt very lazy having the bridges lifted for us to pass under. Now to get back up onto the canal system to work out on all those locks and swing bridges to become fit again!

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There were a couple of information boards telling some of the history of the dock area. The pics on the right are the then and now versions. Click on them to enlarge.

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