Monday, 22 September 2014

Bubble Bath!

 IMG_7568 IMG_7578 IMG_7564 Wordsley Junction

Mist was coming off the canal, like steam rising from a mirror, when we left our lovely mooring spot by the horses field. It had been a cold night with a heavy dew on the ground, autumn is creeping up on us. We then made our way up to Wordsley Junction to turn around.

IMG_7580        IMG_7581         IMG_7582

As you can see coming down the first of the four locks to Stourton Junction Oakfield had a bubble bath. By the time we had turned right, back onto the Staffs & Worcs Canal, it had nearly all rinsed off. We had the canal to ourselves for a while and could smell toast and bacon wafting in the air as we cruised along. Later on the mist lifted and the sun shone through. We then met several boats on the move, mainly swapping locks with them, perfick.

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