Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sunny cruise.

IMG_4835 IMG_4843 IMG_4847 woollybutts IMG_4839

Jack frost had been dancing over the fields last night and there was quite a nip in the air when we emerged form Oakfield. Moving on we reversed for water etc then turned down by the Puddle Bank under white wispy clouds set in a deep blue sky, perfick. Some plump pregnant woolly-bums were all busy grazing and two boaty-dogs watched as we glided slowly past them.

IMG_4842 B99 IMG_4846 B100 IMG_4848 Angus

Most boats seem to have disappeared off into hibernation for the winter and we have the canal almost to ourselves now. We did meet two coming through bridge 99 and another was following us through bridge 100. Just before Napton Junction we spied a familiar boat basking quietly in the sunshine. On seeing the signs on the towpath, and reading on Canal World Forum, that The Bridge Inn was now open under new management we moored nearby. We walked past several boats to reach the pub for a lunchtime snack only to find it shut, how disappointing! Never mind it was a great place to stop for the night anyway.


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