Sunday, 24 November 2013


IMG_4910           IMG_4911 Cropredy Lock

The moorings above Cropredy Lock are for 24 hrs only,  but the ones more conveniently placed further down by the shop and pubs are for 48 hrs! Anyway I saw Graham aboard his boat Anwick and we arranged to meet up for a meal the following evening. We set off to meet him and Jane at their thatched cottage and they proudly showed us around. I particularly liked their cosy looking inglenook fireplace. There are some renovations and improvements they want to do before moving in though. We strolled across to the Brasenose Inn and spent all evening over a lovely meal with drinks chatting about what we had all been up to. Then we braved the rain and cold wind on the long walk back up to Oakfield after a really enjoyable evening spent together.

IMG_4915 IMG_4916 IMG_4920

As we passed through Cropredy Lock I saw some apples which were free to help yourself to, so I did. We saw a few trains on our way down in the sunshine with a chilly wind blowing. It’s time for the thermals, two coats and two pairs of socks sort of weather.

IMG_4917  IMG_4918  IMG_4919 Bourton Lock

Bourton Lock was still looking all forlorn and unloved as we helped a single handed boater come up, before descending ourselves. After picking our spot at Banbury we went to Wetherspoon for a snack, then perused the shops for Christmas presents. There was quite a festive feel everywhere with all the lights and decorations up. Back on Oakfield I prepared all those free apples and cooked them in an Apple Crumble, with cream yum, yum!


MortimerBones said...

Do NOT leave until we have met up!!!!!

Jacquie said...

Hi again Ann, I'm so sorry that you miss your parents, I can not imagine how hard that must feel, and to miss being able to share experiences, were they still with you when you had your boat ?. My mom and dad divorced when I was very young, so for 40 odd years, I have to do everything separate with them, but I really enjoyed having my dad stay alone, because I've never spent any "us" time. And bless, mom is just my mom, we have been together all the way through our up's and down's. !! Bless you Ann. Love that pub in Croperdy, and yes that lock is looking pretty sad, after Nicholson's described it as pretty !!?? Happy c/c I do envy you both. xx