Tuesday, 19 November 2013


IMG_4891 IMG_4894 IMG_4895 Ghosty Hill

Our overnight mooring at Wormleighton was so peaceful that I overslept. Eventually we set off on a rather dull misty moisty morning pausing at Fenny Compton for coffee while we took on water and bought milk from the pub shop. Then we headed off through Fenny Tunnel, so called when it had a roof over it! Not many boats on the move today so we made good progress along the straight. We passed the old working boat Gosty Hill resting while she awaits a new owner. After mooring up a bit further down, we heard a knock on the side of our boat. To our surprise and delight it was Ian who was cycling down to Banbury. We enjoyed a long chat with him as we always used to when he was delivering our fuel and coal with Alison on Gosty Hill. It was great to exchange news of what we had been up to and he told us Gosty is now up for sale at the reduced price of £30,000, a bargain! Hope he didn’t get too wet on his six-ish mile bike ride on the towpath.

IMG_4892 Fenny tunnel      IMG_4897      IMG_4898

While I was preparing the mid-day snack of mince pie with custard another familiar boat passed us, it was Badsey! Rain had now set in for the rest of the day so we relaxed all cosy and warm reading and computing.

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