Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Shopping.

IMG_4921     IMG_4923     IMG_4924

Well every shop you enter is belting out Christmas musac, sometimes two lots at once, ugh! Apart from standing in queues to pay, when it comes to your turn you can guarantee someone has a problem and you are bound to wait while it’s sorted. Then you have to be alert to people on their mobile phones who are not looking where they are going, others may walk straight at you too. Of course they all expect you to avoid them, don’t they? Then there are the people who step backwards into you and nonchalantly say “sorry”, so that’s alright then. If your lucky enough to avoid all those pushchairs and mobility scooters as well, you may be lucky enough to finally purchase something! Thank goodness you only have to do this once a year, phew!

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