Thursday, 6 June 2013

Springwood Haven.

IMG_3407We paused to moor by Bridge 29 to walk into  Nuneaton through the lovely park to visit Sainsbury's for some fresh vegetables etc. After a snack on board we moved on to set up for the night below B27 on a sunny bend on the towpath. I rubbed down the bashed rusty bits of paintwork along the gunnels, cleaned it off with a cloth soaked in white spirit, then applied the undercoat. I was chatting to chap walking his dog early the next morning when my ears pricked up to the sound of a steam whistle. Sure enough President and Kildare came steaming under the bridge bound for Braunston.


Dave Winter said...

Great picture.

Angela said...

You two know all the places to access provisions! Another one I have made note of!! xxoo

bottle said...


The mooring for Sainsburys is by bridge 20