Friday, 14 June 2013


    IMG_3449 Sharpness  IMG_3453

It was a dull old day when we cruised on to moor at Whittington behind tunnel-tug Sharpness. The next morning we sauntered up to see what the village was like. This was a G.P.O. delivery cart with one of the flower displays around The Green.

            IMG_3452                IMG_3451

More flowers in a beautiful stone trough, with a delightful little cottage in the background. Anyone know what this plant is?

            IMG_3462                IMG_3460

There were several lovely cottages and every garden seemed to be immaculately kept We liked the old petrol pump and wire wheel on the garden wall. There was a Co-op, Cafe, P.O Stores, Estate Agents and a Chemist also. The locals were very friendly and all spoke to us as we passed them.

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