Friday, 7 June 2013



Moving on past the Hartshill Yard we waited in a short queue at the top of Atherstone locks.

 IMG_3416 IMG_3418 Masterson Huxley Coventry IMG_3423

The large derelict building behind us in this picture used to be a Hat Factory. The circular cast iron disc on the end of the tie beams were made by Masterson and Huxley of Coventry. I wonder if it will ever be transformed into desirable residential use? The yellow Corydalis plant growing from a tiny crack in the brick wall is one of my favourite flowers.

 IMG_3420IMG_3419 IMG_3421

These artwork installations depict the activities of the past and present in the local area, Farming, Coal Mining and Canal transport. We thought they were some of the better designs that we have seen on our watery travels.

 IMG_3425             IMG_3426

The lovely ‘nb Buffalo’ came out of the top lock, one of the last to be made at Brimscombe Port on the Thames and Severn Canal by Big Fish. Then it was our turn to go down and the volunteer Lock keeper kindly helped us.

IMG_3430 IMG_3429 IMG_3428

We tied up below the fifth lock and walked into Atherstone to explore. The old Station had been turned into one of the finest veterinary surgeries we have ever seen. Amazingly Atherstone is exactly 100 Miles from London as the gold lettering states on this ancient Milestone in Old Watling Street in the town centre. We purchased a small variety of cakes from a small shop right next door to Greggs. Of course we will need the extra energy for doing all those locks you see!

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