Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sutton Road Bridge.

           IMG_3439 Sutton Road Bridge.                IMG_3447 Kangaroo

The view from Oakfield’s mooring and mb Kangaroo returning south.

We visited the water-point past Fazeley Junction and cruised on to Sutton Road Bridge. We saw Kym the ‘Little Chimney Man’ who said he is kept very busy supplying boaters with the stainless steel chimneys that he makes in his little butty workshop. We moored up here and followed the little footpath beside the bridge, then along the road to Sainsbury’s where we had coffee and got a few bits. There are all the usual big superstores here, including an Asda Wallmart. Soon after we returned to our boat another boat was trying to moor in front of us, so we went out to help pull him in. It was Leon on The Old Bovine, so the boys had a long chat about boats of course, while I went to prepare our roast dinner and make a Rhubarb Crumble.


Three Canada Geese came past ushering about twenty goslings between them.  We met up with the crew of nb Nuthatch, lovely people to talk to. They were about our age and she’d had pneumonia and he’d had Meningitis, both were now recovered and glad to be back out cruising again. Leon came around for coffee next morning, as they were chattering all about boats again I left to peruse the shops. Amazingly they were still at it when I returned!

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