Friday, 7 September 2012

Braunston Puddle Banks.

IMG_2020 BraunstonWe were lucky enough to find that everybody’s favourite spot to moor on was vacant when we arrived. It is the only spot where there are no big sloping stones along the edge for your boat to bang against.  Most boats passed us at tick-over speed, but of course there were the odd maniacs who thought they were in a race!

IMG_2051    IMG_2055 Charisma

This ‘boy in a bathtub’ set into polystyrene came passed flying a British Red Cross flag and was collecting funds for the charity. He said he was travelling from Birmingham to London and that he carried the ‘boat’ around the locks. When I asked him about the tunnels as unpowered craft are not allowed through them for obvious reasons, he said he got a lift over them! A walk up into the village revealed the lovely old timber framed building had been completed and was a Hair Salon and an apartment.

IMG_2059    IMG_2060

The old chapel was also finished and the for sale board outside advertised three dwellings. The Old Chapel, Old School House and Old School Cottage all beautifully finished. Unfortunately the little redbrick cottage opposite still stands all forlorn with half it’s roof missing.

    IMG_2057 Rainbow

Fortunately September started with some sunshine and we spotted this tiny rainbow high in the sky. We have only ever seen half-circle ones arching over the land, so is this one unusual ?

IMG_2034 Bee IMG_2050

Insects were busying themselves around the warm Blackberries and flowers.

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