Thursday, 6 September 2012

Middle Earth!

IMG_2011 Farmers had been busy with their harvesting as we cruised by on our way to Braunston.

IMG_2014 As we approached the Puddle Banks there was still one sunken boat by the towpath.

IMG_2016 odd shape boatThis unusual shaped craft looked like it was inhabited, but it must have been rather dark inside because the portholes were miniscule.

IMG_2017 dangly window boatThis boat was different too as it had it’s coloured double glazing dangling over the windows from strings on the outside!

IMG_2019There are several old working boats around here that have been converted into live aboard accommodation.  

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Anonymous said...

hi, I saw the ''strange craft'' being hauled by a young couple last wednesday when I was banbury bound from braunston, they thanked me for my patience as it t'was a narrow spot, glad it were them n not me!!!
nb Spitfire, now in tooleys for blacking