Sunday, 9 September 2012

Up the Locks.

IMG_2063 Woolly Back Archamedes

We strolled up three locks to see what the to see what the Admiral Nelson pub was like now. It had been renovated and re-opened in April, apparently.

IMG_2065The locks were pretty busy as we sat outside with our Guinness to peruse the menu. As it was a warm day we thought we would enjoy a snack and watch the locks being worked.

IMG_2067 re-opened AprilThe interior has been redecorated and there are some nice cosy family areas with sofas and easy chairs with TV and also a separate more formal dining area.

IMG_2068 Egg SandwichThe outside looked rather attractive too bedecked in colourful hanging baskets. Bottle chose a cheese sandwich and I had egg mayonnaise. They come with watercress and scrumptious chips for £4.50, very enjoyable. There is another menu for evenings and Sunday roast, although the menu is limited the food is quite different.  

IMG_2066 Admiral Nelson's chickens    IMG_2039

The Admiral Nelson’s chickens now occupy the old children’s playground opposite. When I went to see them they all came rushing over to pose for their photograph to be taken. One of these hansom hens laid a tasty fresh egg for my sandwich. We wish the new landlords luck and hope that the pub will make a go of it, as it deserves to.


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