Monday, 10 September 2012

Norton Junction.


It all seemed fairly peaceful at Norton Junction until the early hours of Wednesday morning when we were awoken by the sound of a hunting horn and hounds yelping. IMG_2078

IMG_2080 Quad Bike

After getting washed and dressed and having a leisurely breakfast we could still hear them so I went out with the camera and took a few pictures. there were three riders in red and several in green/brown accompanied by two quad bikes which later sped off along the road.

IMG_2082 IMG_2090 

All the hounds were gathered together in the field after which they all trotted away up the road and all was quiet once again.

IMG_2098 BunniesWe walked down Buckby Locks past the New Inn which had sadly recently closed,  then on to Wilton Garden Centre for coffee and a browse around. They have quite a variety of pets for sale including kittens and other furry creatures, many feathered birds, and fish. Of course we had to have a look around at all of them before strolling back on such a lovely sunny afternoon.

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