Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Whitminster walkabout.

IMG_1177 Saul Junction HouseThe weekend was warm and sunny so we had a snack at the Stables Cafe, then went for a stroll to escape all the crowds of visitors that come here most weekends. This is the house that sits at the junction of the G+S and Stroudwater Canal where the now derelict lock in the foreground was used to enable boats to reach the Severn at Framilode. We took the footpath behind Junction House through the field to Whitminster Church.

IMG_1176 wildflowers     IMG_1178 firewood

Wildflowers nestled in the long grass and their scent rose up on the warm air. This long dead tree was nicely weathered just right for a boats supply of winter firewood, only joking!

IMG_1180 Whitminster ChurchThe path crossed a little bridge over the River Frome and then led us behind Whitminster House into the beautifully kept churchyard.

IMG_1183  IMG_1182 more cherubs

Along the main path stood a line of old limestone gravestones adorned with delightfully carved cherubs, looking rather  like a row of wobbly teeth.

IMG_1179     IMG_1187

I admired this beautifully patterned sandstone cross, also there was a grave of a man, and his three wives. Unfortunately the church was locked so we took the path out onto the road past the weir, turning right and back down the arm of the Stroudwater Canal. The water was clear enough for us to see a Pike under the water seize another fish for it’s lunch. The arm is used by the Saul Boat Club for permanent moorings for it’s members. We crossed the footbridge over the canal, it is operated electronically by the bridge-keeperIMG_1185 Walnut Tree

I think this is a magnificent old Walnut Tree, it’s size can be compared to Bottle who is the dark midget on the right!

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