Friday, 22 June 2012


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Well we have managed to reach the end of this canal to spend a few of days there in the sun.  We watched with some amusement as the Seagulls hurtled along at speed over the waves on the strong central current of the river. On strolling down to the old dock we saw Balmoral coming alongside to pick up her passengers. The tide was coming in fast, but they managed to get the bow secured, then slowly winched the stern in.

IMG_1262 When everyone had boarded she reversed and sidled out into the turning tide and burbled off speedily. What a lovely day for a cruise to Clevedon and Ilfracombe.IMG_1272

The canal arm leading down to the old disused lock which used to connect with the river, is now a marina. There are various boats mooed either side down from the junction. From our mooring we watched a Kingfisher and a Grebe catching fish. The Grebe caught one that was nearly too big for him to swallow, but he managed to force it down eventually. I bet he had indigestion after that!

IMG_1276     IMG_1245

This is all that remains of the swing bridge that crossed the canal and then took the railway line over the River Severn into Wales. I wonder if that lovely solidly built tower is big enough for residential use? As you can see this was a beautiful day for cruising, like floating on a dream!

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