Friday, 8 June 2012

Gloucester City.


St Mary de Crypt Church and the old Crypt School building in Southgate Street. 

IMG_0937     IMG_0935

The archway leads through to a courtyard with Robert Raikes House which is a newly refurbished pub standing opposite it. Most of the streets leading from The Cross have now been pedestrianized which provides a nice safe area for the street markets.

IMG_0932      IMG_0933

This unusual clock stands above a jewellers shop has coloured statues depicting the  Irish, English, Scots and Welsh, with Old Father Time as the central figure. They used to strike the bells with their hammers on the hour, but we haven’t heard them yet.  A little further along the coffee shop has some spectacularly carved woodwork above it. IMG_1036 mariners Chapel                                                                                                                                                                                                                          IMG_1035 There was some nice stained glass in the Mariners Chapel in the Docks.

IMG_1033    IMG_1034 Cariad 1904

A beautiful wooden sailing boat was being lovingly refurbished over by Tommy Nielsons' Boatyard. When I zoomed in to the brass disc on the tiller arm it revealed that it was the Cariad, built by Rowles, Pill in 1904.

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