Monday, 4 June 2012

Stroud on Water.

IMG_1039 IMG_1045

Shipton’s of Stonehouse Fowler.   Beautifully made mini-aircraft.

IMG_1040 Trojan IMG_1041 Austin

A Trojan car.                                 Baby Austin, ready to party!

IMG_1043 IMG_1044

E-Type Jaguar                               Bristol

On Saturday we walked into Gloucester and caught the No14 bus which took us all around bow-wow-land to eventually deposit us near Marling School field where this event was being held. We were greeted by a Traction Engine and there were several lovely old cars on display. After a good wander around canal trust tents,  the usual side shows and various food stalls we found some victuals. We sat on the grass to eat our lunch listening to the folk band and watching the Morris Dancers. We met several friends to chat too, some of whom we hadn’t seen for quite a while.

IMG_1047 Sphere World     IMG_1049 new piling

Children were enjoying themselves rolling around in these giant blown-up golf balls. Then we went out onto the towpath to see all the progress that has been made along the Stroudwater Canal recently. Much digging and piling had been completed in time for the festival.

IMG_1053 Dudbridge Locks     IMG_1056 Trail Boats

Here you can see the two Dudbridge Locks which look like waterfalls at the moment. There are plans to install a Water Turbine here to generate electricity which will provide an income towards the canal restoration and future maintenance. These little trail boats had been launched onto this stretch of canal especially for the occasion.

IMG_1064 nb Dragonfly  IMG_1088 Grace

Narrow-boat Dragonfly was busy ferrying passengers along towards Ebley Mill and Ryeford Double Lock, chugging along behind was a whole fleet of delightful little Steam-boats.

IMG_1079 Margaret MorrisonIMG_1080

Grace, Margaret Morrison and Guinevere had to pull over to the side to let boats pass by. The trusts own trip boat ‘Perseverance’ was kept busy too. It had been craned out onto a lorry at RW Davis Boatyard and brought over for the three days.

IMG_1059 IMG_1060

here she is passing underneath Hilly Orchard Footbridge heading back towards Wiggles Wharf where the old crane still stands.

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