Thursday, 21 June 2012

Nice boats


IMG_1196 Saul Jnctn

 IMG_1203 Mayflower for sale

I like the shape of this boat, but it doesn’t look suitable for a continuous cruiser live aboard. Little Mayflower is up for sale, just right for one man and his dog, what do you think Dave?

IMG_1206 Severn Belle IMG_1209 Buffallo

Lovely Tug, and like us it seems that others are hoping to cruise up the Thames and Severn Canal one day!

IMG_1211 Cambridge Arm

IMG_1207 Splatt Bridge

A sailing boat with a handy mooring right next to your wooden cabin in a quiet idyllic setting, what could be better?

IMG_1205 ACP Fuel Wharf ZiggyWe still think ours is best though! Here we are filling up at the ACP Wharf on our way down. Whilst waiting entertainment is provided by Ziggy, who likes you to throw her ball or stick to be retrieved. Trouble is she keeps dropping them in the canal!

1 comment:

Dave Winter said...

Ok for a weekend escape but to live in where would you put the coal???