Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee Display.

IMG_1155Gloucester Dock was mainly taken over by a  gathering of plastic boats to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. All the boats were heavily decorated with fluttering bunting and flags.

IMG_1154 A couple of them breasted up go to shop at Sainsbury’s and yes that is the mooring rope right across the towpath! This is always a busy place and cyclists had to dismount and walkers had to step over the ropes. How inconsiderate can some boaters be? These boats seem to travel about in twos and delight in going up to the full 6 mph limit on the G+S to make moored boats bob about like corks! Funny how the two much larger trip boats, King Arthur and Boadicea that cruise down from the Waterways Museum,  don’t seem to affect us as they go by!

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